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Hey guys
I'm going to be staying in Dover area for a few days at least until my face chills down a bit, though thats unlikely for a while.
I managed to get myself beaten up in Pencester Park today by the lovely Becky Baxter (or however you spell it) gargh!
I had the choice between stand by and watch my friend get beaten up for being himself, or become the distraction and let myself get beaten up. Me being the moralistic gal I am decided to let myself get beat up. It worked. They left off Josh. Though now I look like a bunch of red grapes, the bruising is proper coming up now grrrr. lol ahwel. All I can do is laugh I guess. I stood by my morals, I protected and stood up for a friend and I didn't leave a mark on B so now I'm the one with the power!! W00t!!!
I'd rather walk out of a fight a looser and looking like a soppy useless blanket with plenty of evidence on my body to press charges. Than walk away the winner and be just as bad as them and not able to do anything about getting them done for it.
I may look proper ugly right now and feel really achey and shit BUT I stood by what I believe and I'm proud of myself for that.
Looks like if you stand up for a friend in Dover you get beat to shit with not an ounce of repesct. Though I knew that already.
Plus I had a �500 cam round my neck which she didnt even try and nick... looks like chavs down here are both dumb and disrespectful. garggh my face hurts. I look like fucking quasemodo or however you spell that lumpy guys name. ill post a pic for you all to laugh at when i go home haha. i actually look proper funny. this is one of the times im glad i have such a good sense of humour!!
The worst part of the day wasn't getting beaten up but thinking I had lost my friend Daves tag. The chain was broken and lost during the fight, thankfully holli picked up the tag itself though couldnt find my own pendant :'(. Outside the police station before I made my statement I lost the Tag. When I came out I realised and totally freaked out and couldnt stop crying. Thankfully Holli managed to find it in the bottom of my bag. MAJOR RELIEF!!!! I think everyone was so shocked that I seemed to give more of a shit about a lil tag than the state of my face! lol My humour when it comes to what went on today is endless, though when it came to the tag there was NO comedy value. Thankfully it's back in my hand now and will never leave my side again, well until its finally returned to Dave anyway.... minus chain which I feel fucking guilty about! :'(
Anwayz. I went to the police. Made statement etc. The girls been arrested and we are gonna see where things go from there. If nothing major happens I will push until it does, or at least until theres no more pushing that I can do. Shes hurt too many people and now hurt my friend in front of my eyes. I don't let someone get away with that!!! Though I fight with words and mind, not with my fist. Thats why I win in the end. I may loose the fight... But I win the war! lol
Yo going doooooooown biatch! ;) (that is no way a threatening statement... purely emphasising the fact that I may have bruises etc. but I have respect and ain't spending time in the cells like she is lol)
I hope I've proved a point in what I did today! I really do!!
I've proved I mean what I say when it comes to sticking by my friends, taking the bullet or in this case the punches/kicks etc, and using my brain rather than lashing out back!
I may even try and claim compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme Mwhahahahaha!! Hopefully I'll be successful but I'm not getting my hopes up.
I don't have any credit so I can't contact anyone atm but any calls are welcomed! I want to see my buddies!! I need fun times to distract me from my bumpyness lol
Take care people!!!!
I love you all

PS: thanks to Ash, Skye, Rio etc.. for coming down and giving me some moral support and much needed hugs! They are still needed btw so feel free next time you see me to hug me lots! lol Thanks to Rio for letting me stay here tonight also! I really appreciate it!
Also a thankyou to Josh for having the strength to come to the police with me and stuff when it was obvious you were shaken up and probs would have rather just walked away and left it etc. I still can't belive no ones stood up for you before -hug-. Anywayz. take care and talk to ya sooooon! xxx

PPS: I need greeeeeeen :'( waaaaaaa

PPPS: I'm going to go to bed now. I ache and need sleep.

LOVE out to all my friends <3

Sweet Dreams



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